Wool Rug Cleaning Service

The History of Your Wool Area Rug

Wool is a textile fiber sheared from sheep and other animals, such as goats, rabbits, oxen, and camelids. If you own a Wool Area Rug, you likely recognize the qualities that characterize it. When compared to other materials like hair or fur, wool is elastic and crimped. Crimping a material involves compressing the piece into small folds or ridges. We offer a quality Wool Rug Cleaning Service at our Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.

Creating a Wool Rug

Weaving a Wool Area Rug starts with a process called shearing. This harmless process removes the wool from the animal that grew it. After shearing, wool is divided into four categories: fleece, bellies, locks, and broken.
After the wool is divided, the scouring process begins. When wool is first removed from an animal, it contains vegetable matter, dead skin, sweat residue, and fibers of other distasteful materials. Scouring removes these materials with warm water and other special equipment, leaving a pure wool that can be woven into area rugs, clothing, and more.

The Wool Rug Experience

The amount of crimp in a Wool Area Rug correlates directly with the fineness of the fibers. While merino wool can have up to one hundred crimps per square inch, coarse wool may only have one or two. Because of these stark differences, wool area rug experiences can vary greatly based on quality, craftsmanship, and locale.
Wool Area Rugs first became popular nearly eight thousand years ago, when humans discovered how to shear animals and weave the material obtained. Wool was later used for insulation, home decoration, and warmth. The material is flame retardant, durable, and longer-lasting than nearly all synthetic fibers.
In addition, Wool Area Rugs are soft with pleasant textures, a resistance to stain, and bright colors that will complement the atmosphere in your home. Because Wool Rugs can be expensive, we highly suggest investing in Wool Rug Cleaning Service at least once per year.

Our Services

We take great pride in our ability to care for your Wool Area Rugs through our Wool Rug Cleaning Service.
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