Area Rug Cleaning NYC

Area Rug Cleaning NYC

Protecting Your Delicate Carpets

What is the major difference between Area Rug Cleaning NYC and Regular Carpet Cleaning Services? Area Rugs are far more delicate than Carpeted Floors. They should be treated with care, respect, and focus.
As experts in the Oriental Rug Cleaning Business, our team understands that every area rug requires a specific, pre-determined cleaning method for best (and safest) results. For example, Oriental Area Rugs woven from cotton or wool should be washed, while Oriental Area Rugs woven from silk should be dry cleaned.

Knowing Your Area Rug

Your carpet could represent any number of Oriental Area Rug subcategories. It could be Persian, Chinese Art Deco, Tibetan, Flokati, Turkish Kilim, Moroccan, or Needlepoint. Our Area Rug Cleaning Services are based on the material, origin, and specific characteristics of your Oriental Area Rug.
If you aren’t sure which type of rug you own, we’ll be happy to help make a determination. Usually, the origin can be determined through design, technique, material, and hue. For example, Persian Rugs are known for their reflection of Persian Culture, while Chinese Art Deco Rugs are famous for using multiple cultural influences.
We take all of this information into account before starting Area Rug Cleaning Services. We understand that Oriental Area Rugs are incredibly valuable and near priceless. Because many of these carpets are hand-made, there is no guarantee that you’ll ever be able to replace an Oriental Area Rug.
For this reason, we check each individual rug before cleaning to determine the most effective Area Rug Cleaning Services based on fiber, dye content, regional, and periodic origins. Our process may sound lengthy, but the time we spend keeping your precious carpet safe is well worth the added time.

Our Services

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we take great pride in our knowledge of rug history, material, dye, and cleaning. We consider ourselves experts in our field – and for good reason.
For more information about our business and services, please call our Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Team at (888)-952-3633. We can answer your questions, satisfy your concerns, and provide a free quote for your Area Rug Cleaning Services.
We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!

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