Oriental Rug Cleaning

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We only hire skilled, experienced IICRC-certified area rug cleaners and we work with eco-friendly

products that are non-allergenic and non-toxic that are safe to use inside households and commercial spaces. Our advanced steam cleaning methods and industrial vacuuming will not only restore the lost charm of your carpets, but they will also improve the quality of the air you breathe on a daily basis. Heavily soiled carpets hide millions of invisible microorganisms that can easily get into your system through breathing and harm your health in a number of ways. Ranging from allergies, inexplicable skin rashes and even asthma attacks, fatigue or nausea, all of these could be triggered by deeply embedded dirt and allergens inside your carpets.

The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team covers the entire array of area rug cleaning services and we work with the most popular types of oriental rugs, as well as unique or rare models that are not commonly found on the market as they are part of family heirlooms:

We never initiate a cleaning job without first checking all the manufacturer instructions or industry guidelines that all our technicians carry on them at all times. We rely on our rich expertise and we put all our know-how to work every time we create a custom Oriental area rug cleaning plan. We know each rug has its own particularities and we never start the steam cleaning, hand washing or a different cleaning method without first performing a colorfastness test on a hidden carpet surface. While these tests can also be performed at home by carpet owners, we advise you to avoid damaging your rug because of inappropriate testing. Give us a call and we can rapidly schedule an appointment with you and help you tackle the matter safely and hassle-free.

Here is what you can expect from us at good rates and fast speeds:

  • area rug assessment
  • colorfast tests
  • advanced steam cleaning that destroys 96% of bacteria
  • detailed hand-washing and cleaning
  • industrial machine washing
  • pet waste stain removal
  • scotchgard solutions
  • deodorizing services

Oriental Rugs Cleaning New York

We can handle anything from dirt that has gotten deep into the fibers of the carpet, dust mites, spills food and liquid spills, pet waste, allergens, dead skin cells, natural oils, pet hair and fur and more. We can vacuum most of this organic residue that is also responsible for nasty odors that you cannot eliminate using over-the-counter products.

Expect deep cleaning services, detailed spot cleaning treatments for old, stubborn stains that you cannot tackle on your own, machine-washing, hand washing for antique and fragile rugs and other types of carpet cleaning procedures such as scotchgard and deodorizing.

Our technicians will work out the best cleaning plan for each individual carpet you will require us to clean. Most of these procedures, however, have a few basic and common steps, including vacuuming using industrial grade duster machines, washing and rinsing, including steam cleaning hand-washing, rinsing and drying in temperature-controlled rooms for better results.

The vacuuming step is extremely important and it must be completed thoroughly on both sides of a rug in order to loosen the dirt and allergens that are not visible to the naked eye.

Whenever we will decide to use an industry washing machine, we will make sure to select the most suitable program according to the individual needs of the rug. The rinsing is also essential to ensure there will be no cleaning detergent left inside the fibers. Depending on the nature pf the rug you need us to clean, we can have it dried using a temperature-controlled room or leave natural heat from the sun and air to do the drying instead. Older area rug models usually require natural drying to preserve the natural organic dyes and patterns intact.

We do not use any chlorine, sulphate or toxic and harmful chemicals that could not only cause you and your family health issues, but also irreparably damage your rugs. We take great pride in the environmentally-friendly products we use and we invite you to hire us for your next area rug cleaning NY needs to find out what cleaners we work with.

Oriental Rug Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is one of the most powerful, efficient and popular area rug cleaning methods our technicians prefer to use for a number of reasons. The fact that the procedure solely relies on water and no harsh chemicals allows us to use it in a 100% safe way every time. We also rely on carpet treatments that sue lanolin oils for softening the fibers and preventing the wool to break inside wool or Persian carpets.

We also apply stain protectors and scotchgard treatments for the freshness, vivid colors and patterns and cleanlieness to last for longer.

Area Rug Pet Stain Removal Services

We can eradicate all traces of pet waste and nasty odor with our steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods, as well as green, non-harmful spot removal products that can be used around pets and children problem-free. We also rely on industrial deodorizers to leave your rugs smelling fresher than ever.

Competitive Area Rug Cleaning New York Prices

We provide transparent and comprehensive price estimates and the most competitive service prices compared to all other area rug cleaners in NY.

Give us a call today at 888-952-3633and let us assist you with top area Oriental rug cleaning services at decent prices!

Keeping Your Beloved Carpet Safe

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we understand that your precious area rugs should be treated with care and respect. Each and every piece has its own history, origin, fiber content, age, and dye type. We can’t possibly hope to use the same method for every single rug we treat. Instead, we decide which oriental rug cleaning process to use based on the “personality” of your rug.

How It Works

We start our process with an inspection.
We want to see your piece completely clear of spots, stains, wear, and tear. In order to make this happen, our careful inspection starts with the removal of dirt, crumbs, and other particles through dusting.
Next, we use our knowledge of your area rug to determine whether or not we should consider moth-proofing. This process keeps your rug safe from possible moth damage. Because these insects can, quite literally, eat away at your oriental area rug – leaving it completely beyond our repair – the investment is well worth it.
Then, we gently wash your area rug with a fiber-friendly shampoo. You’ll find that certain shampoos should not be used on precious, delicate, or expensive area rugs. These shampoos generally contain harsh sulfates or poorly designed detergents.
Once we finish washing your rug, we rinse it, comb the fringe, and allow the piece to air dry. This keeps the dyes within your area rug safely preserved, further enhancing its lifespan.
Once your rug has completely dried, we’ll add Lanolin oil to soften it. This substance is often used to crease wool, keeping the fibers from drying out and breaking apart. If your rug needs something a bit stronger, we’ll apply a stain protector, deodorizer, and sanitizer.
Please note that we never machine wash or dry oriental area rugs. We do not recommend this course of action at home. Machines can shrink your rug, allow colors to bleed, or warp the design.

Our Team

We recognize that hiring our team of Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Experts is more expensive than putting quarters into a machine. However, the end result will save you money in the long run. Can you imagine replacing a near-priceless oriental area rug?
Our team can also complete certain hand repair jobs, if we notice holes or missing fringe in your area rug. Just make a special request at drop-off.
For more information about our oriental rug cleaning process, please feel free to call our office at (888) 952-3633.

Oriental Rug Information

The Definition of an Oriental Area Rug

Oriental Style Carpets are heavy textiles, made for a variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes. These rugs are produced for home use, local sale, and export. You’ll find that Oriental Carpets can be woven flat with little or no pile (density), or they can be woven with heavy pile and intense thickness.
Oriental Rugs are made in a geographic area known as the “Rug Belt.” This belt stretches from Morocco through North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Northern India. Sometimes, Oriental Style Carpets are referred to as “Islamic Carpets,” since the Rug Belt includes many predominantly Muslim countries.
The term Oriental Area Rug is used for convenience. The word “Oriental” has no specific meaning when it comes to traditional carpet weaving in the Rug Belt.

Style and Design

Traditional and genuine Oriental Area Rugs have a unique look that is immediately recognizable. They are hand-woven, knotted, and beautifully designed with cultural patterns. Identifying Oriental Rugs isn’t difficult when you are familiar with Oriental Rug Style and Design.

Oriental Area Rug Design

A rug design can be described as either rectilinear (geometric) or curvilinear (floral). Curvilinear rugs show floral figures with fluid drawing and complicated weaving. Rectilinear rugs are bolder, more angular, and highly stylized. Rectilinear rugs are associated with nomadic and village weaving, while curvilinear designs require intricacy and pre-planning, sometimes made in factories or workshops.
You can also describe the design of a rug by how the surface is arranged or organized. A basic design may cover the entire field (background), creating the impression that the pattern continues after the rug ends. This characteristic is common in Islamic Design, which fills the carpet with redundant, interwoven ornaments in a manner called “infinite repeat.”
Designers can also arrange elements more elaborately. For example, a typical oriental rug design uses something called a “medallion,” or a symmetrical pattern occupying the center of the field. Parts of the medallion are repeated at the four corners of the field. More than one medallion can be used, and they may be arranged at different sizes, angles, and shapes across the rug.
The field of a rug can also be broken down into shaped compartments, like diamonds, rectangles, or squares. In most Oriental Area Rugs, the field is surrounded by thick stripes or borders. Generally, there is one wide main border surrounded by minor (guardian) borders. The main border is the most complex, filled with rectilinear or curvilinear designs. These traits can help narrow down your options when Identifying Oriental Rugs.
Designing carpet borders can be truly difficult, especially when it comes to corner articulations. These ornaments must be woven in a way that continues the pattern without interruption between borders. Even skilled weavers require advanced planning and preparation for this process.

History and Origins

True Oriental Style Carpets hail from the Middle East and Asia, where the origins of rug-making can be traced. Countries known for producing high-quality, hand-woven rugs include India, China, Iran, Morocco, Tibet, Turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt. Generally speaking, rugs made in Europe or America (also known as the Western World) are machine-made, rather than traditionally hand-woven.

Little Known Rug History

Though the beginning of carpet weaving remains unknown, the earliest surviving carpet fragments are spread over a large geographic area. Experts believe traditional woven rugs developed from early floor coverings, starting as flat-woven carpets with no pile whatsoever and expanding into the culture we recognize today.
The oldest existing texts referring to carpets are preserved on clay tablets from the royal archives of the kingdom of Mari, which existed during the second millennium BC. There are also documented records of carpets used by ancient Greeks, most famously in Homer’s Odyssey.
The oldest known hand-woven rug is almost completely preserved. It was discovered by Sergei Rudenko, a Russian archeologist, in the late 1940s. The carpet was part of grave gifts buried in Scythian burial mounds in Siberia. The carpet was dyed with plant and insect dyes, with fine weaving in symmetrical knots and elaborate pictorial design.


Can you steam clean oriental area rugs?

Yes, most Oriental area rugs can be effectively cleaned with the help of steam cleaning practices. However, we will always check the instructions provided by the manufacturer and complete colorfast testing to prevent any kind of damage to your carpets.

Is my area rug colorfast?

You can perform the colorfast test at home using a hidden area of the carpet. All you need to do is pour some water on a chosen area and see oif the color dyes start blending. You can also use a white cloth and gently press it on the moist surface. If there is any trace of color transferred ono the cloth, you will need to avoid using water for cleaning. There are also rugs with labels that clearly read “dry clean only”, so make sure you thoroughly read and obey the given instruction. If you are having second doubts, get in touch with us.

How often should I vacuum my Oriental area rugs?

We recommend you to vacuum any type of Oriental area rug at least once a week to get rd of dust mites, allergens and dirt trapped inside the fibers. This will also help the fibers maintain their natural elasticity.

How to deal with a fresh spill on my Oriental rug?

With the help of a paper towel, blot up as much of the liquid spill as you can, then use a damp cloth to continue blotting. Do it gently and never rub a fresh spill as you will end up staining the rug even more.

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