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Rug Reweaving NY & Rug Repair Services

Looking for top area rug reweaving services in New York? Do you need affordable rug repairs in town? Call 888-952-3633 now! We are your expert team of re-weavers in New York and we can assist you with the entire array of rug restoration and repair NY service at good prices and fast speeds. Get a free price quote from us today by phone or online and let us bring back the lost charm and beauty in your beloved rugs at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Oriental area rug weaving is one of the most complex, time-consuming and tedious rug restoration methods our technicians are hired to do. Antique carpet owners who have paid thousands of dollars on their precious rugs are usually interested in ways of prolonging the lifespan of their carpets. Good maintenance is, without a doubt, an excellent approach. However, when life happens and your rug has suffered more or less severe damage because of a pet accident, improper cleaning methods or a flood, you need certified cleaners to bring your rugs back to their original state.

We specialize in the entire range of hand-woven rugs made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool or silk. All of our technicians have IICRC certificates and are highly trained and experienced. We take great pride in the high-quality services we provide and we are ready to assist you with any Kilim, Persian, Tabriz, Turkish, Qum Sherkat Farsh, Chinese Art Deco or Peshawar rug.

Popular Oriental area rug re-weaving services we are hired to do:

  • area rug reweaving
  • carpet repairs
  • rug restoration
  • hole and tear fixes
  • broken fringe repairs

Our customer support representatives are fully trained and ready to assist you with any questions, concerns or worries you might express over the re-weaving methods that we use. Rest assured we use the highest standards when performing all reweaving and repair jobs and we use custom solutions for every rug that reaches us.

Area Rug Reweaving Services NY

We always take our time when examining a carpet that requires re-weaving and performing the colorfastness test. Our technicians use their best judgement and know-how when deciding upon the best restoration solutions, yarn, stitching, weaves and more. Our number one goal is to increase the value of your rugs while ensuring a damage-free policy and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We strive to save each and every carpet that comes our way while adding a plus of value every time we can. For severely damages rugs with missing weaves and broken fringes, we will put even more elbow grease and use the most complex solutions in the industry. No matter how simple or complex the re-rug weaving job, we promise to treat it with the same level of consideration and care.

All unravelled areas and areas with missing patches will be accurately re-weaved using color-matching yarn to ensure satisfying results. Carpets that have been placed in direct sunlight for too long or century-old rugs that have been in the family for many generations will be cleaned using delicate hand-washing solutions prior to the actual weaving process. We will select high-quality yarn, preferably fine wool with natural oils and lanolin that will restore the dirt- and fire-repellant capacities of your rug. Depending on the exact type of rugs you own, it is also possible to use cotton and other natural fibers. If we cannot come across the right shade and color for the yard we plan to use on your carpet, we will generate the ideal colors on our computers and create the unique colors for your rug. This way, you should once again, enjoy the original aesthetics, design, shades and patterns that the weavers have spent thousands of hours on.

We can also effectively replace any missing carpet areas with new patches and get rid of holes and tears of all sizes and shapes. The repairs will be inconspicuous and no one will be able to tell there was ever a problem there to begin with.

Carpet Repair Services In New York

We also specialize in repairing handmade and machine-made Oriental rugs with Belgian wool, Karastan, Persian, Tabuz, Dhurries or Turkish rugs as some of the most popular models we are asked to service. All of the repairs we perform are not only meant to restore the functionality in your carpets, but also to bring back their gorgeous aesthetics and historical tales and Oriental legends in their countries of origins.

Competitive Oriental Area Rug Reweaving Prices NY

A number of factors will contribute to the final bill when hiring us for a rug reweaving job in New York. Give us a call, get a free estimate and find out how much you should expect to pay to have your precious rugs be brought back to life. We charge some of the most competitive prices in the NY area and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us today to find out more.

Call now, schedule an appointment and pay a fraction of the cost of buying a new rug!

Oriental Rug Reweaving

Oriental Area Rugs are woven together with knives, looms, blades, and other tools. They are put together with great care and strength, ensuring they last for generations to come. There are, however, events that can compromise the lifespan of your rug. For example, extensive aging, furniture, and pets can make your rug look worn, leaving holes or areas where your rug requires reweaving. This Rug Repair Process is one of our specialties.
We provide impressive Oriental Rug Repair and Reweaving at Oriental Area Rug Cleaning. We work hard to match the materials and colors of your Oriental Area Rug with the materials and colors we have available in our shop. Though we can’t always use the same materials as the individual who hand-crafted your rug, we can ensure our Rug Repair looks professional, secure, and complete. You’ll never notice the difference!
We guarantee the appropriate count, texture, color, and twist when we reweave your Oriental Area Rug. We want our repair to blend seamlessly with the original color and pattern.

Signs Your Rug Needs Oriental Rug Reweaving

Dirt, grime, and bacteria are a natural part of life. Your rug will, undoubtedly, reach a point where it needs serious Rug Repair, especially if you aren’t the original owner. The older an Oriental Area Rug becomes, the more likely it will need reweaving or other repair services.
Your area rug might need reweaving if you notice holes, pulled threads, extensive stains, burns, or other un-washable messes. Even if your rug needs extensive reweaving, we do not suggest replacing it.
Why? Because no two Oriental Area Rugs are the same, and each deserves to be given as long a life as possible. Besides, reweaving an existing area rug is far cheaper than having a completely new carpet hand-crafted.

Our Team

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we consider ourselves experts in all things related to Oriental Rug Cleaning. We know the history of Oriental Area Rugs, what materials are used to create them, and the dyeing process used to color them. If there is anyone you can trust to practice Rug Repair, it’s our team of Carpet Cleaning NYC Experts.
For more information, please give our team a call at (888)-952-3633. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!

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